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Wine Bottle Protective Mesh

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Wine bottle Protective Mesh
Material LDPE/HDPE/PP, Plastic
Packing methodcarton
Width3-7CM Hole
ColorRed, Yellow, Black, Green, White, Pink, Blue, Etc.

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The wine bottle protection net cover is mainly used to protect red wine bottles and prevent friction and collision. The plastic wine bottle net cover can make the goods in a safer state during the transportation, minimize the damage rate, and have a low price. It can be made into large and small meshes according to the requirements of customers. The shrinkage is not very good. The wine bottle protection net cover of any size and color can be customized according to the shape of the bottle. The feel is delicate and soft, the appearance is smooth, and the raw materials are environmentally friendly and recyclable.
Bottle protection mesh,cheap shrink net wrap for bottle,PE Plastic Mesh Protective Sleeve Net for Glass Wine Bottle,tube plastic wine sleeve for protection,blue plastic wine bottle nets,wine bottle tubular protective packaging sleeve netting mesh,elastic plastic sleeve for bottles with different sizes, Mesh Sleeve For Bottle Protection,sleeve protective extruded mesh for bottles,Used to protect wine bottles, prevent collision, friction and breakage, and reduce transportation damage.

Common specifications of wine bottle protective net cover: 

5g / piece,Size: 7 * 20cm,Carton packaging, 3000 pieces / box, net weight 15kg, outer box size: 60 * 25 * 43cm

7g / piece, Size: 4 * 22cm, packed in cartons, 2000 pieces per box, weighing 14kg, outer box size: 42 * 36 * 36cm

This specification is a common specification and supports customization of any color and size

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