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Introduction of polyethylene wine bottle protective net cover

The mesh sleeve made of pure new raw materials has good elasticity, firmness and beauty. The net cover can not only protect the external friction of the wine bottle, but also improve the product grade. Our company can process the length according to the customer's requirements.

The mesh cover is suitable for items with a diameter of 6 mm - 360 mm. Starting from 15 holes per week, 1-8 mesh holes per week are added as a specification. The weight per meter of mesh cover, the width of double-layer Z, the mesh diameter, and the mesh size can be adjusted during production. It can also be produced according to customer requirements, with good lateral elasticity.

Plastic mesh sleeve is mainly used on the outer surface of metal shafts, bolts, precision instruments, glass bottles, etc., to protect the surface and edge parts from damage during transportation, handling and storage, and to prevent damage to the outer surface.

The main characteristics are: 1. Soft polyethylene, dense, easy to store. 2. Reusable and recyclable, economic and environmental protection. 3. It is highly elastic and can be matched with parts or products in any shape. 4. Different sizes can be customized according to customer needs

Usage: cosmetic brush, lighting, handicrafts, glass, ceramics, home appliances, spray painting, furniture, wine and gift packaging, hardware products, toys
The net cover is not only decorative but also protective